🇮🇹Oxygen Generators🇮🇹

Some information about our company :
More than 35 years of experience and expertise , our experience conaint Extensive product portfolio , High quality of services and Know-how on everything related to medical gas supply systems , Flexibility to every medical gas solution , our compane has Well ,trained and skilled personnel , the price of our services is Competitive and with a Short delivery times .
our systems are characterized by Raw materials and spare parts availability , Ease of use , Remote control and monitoring , Highly-responsive after sales service and customer-focused support , Conformity with all standards and CE market products

What's that ?

it's separate oxygen from air so that the gas can be fed into industrial processes in real-time or stored in pressure tanks

where is using ?

Oxygen generators are used in dozens of industrial applications ranging from gold mining to aquaculture to life support

How its work ?

by pulling surrounding air into the oxygen machine, compressing it, purifying it and removing nitrogen and other impurities

Full Automation

All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic Nitrogen demand adjustment.

Lower Space Requirement

The design and Instrument makes the plant size very compact, assembly on skids, prefabricated from factory.

Fast Start-up

Start-up time is only 5 minutes to get desired Nitrogen purity. So these units can be switched ON&OFF as per Nitrogen demand changes.

🇮🇹Typical Applications🇮🇹




Hospital Systems

Glass Industry

Glass Work/Manufacturing/Blowing

  1. Air Compression
  2. Air Filteration
  3. Air Drying
  4.  Air Buffer Tank
  5. Trace Oil Particle Filter
  6.  Air Buffer for pneumatic valve
  7. A) First Absorbing Tower A 
    B) First Absorbing Tower B
  1.  Flue Gas Vent Silencer
  2. Oxygen Surge/Buffer tank
  3.  Booster Compressor
  4. A) Second Absorbing Tower A 
    B) Second Absorbing Tower B
  5.  Flue Gas Vent Silencer
  6.  High Purity Oxygen Surge/Buffer Tank
  7.  High Purity Oxygen Storage Tank

🇮🇹Oxygen Generator Field In Real Time🇮🇹

🇮🇹 NANO-O2 🇮🇹 94%
🇮🇹 NANO-O2 🇮🇹 64%
🇮🇹 NANO-O2 🇮🇹 87%
🇮🇹 NANO-O2 🇮🇹 97%