🇮🇹Constant and Readily Available Supply🇮🇹

The NANO-O2 Medical oxygen Plant allows users to generate their own oxygen for their medical-grade requirements like EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Ambulance, Fire Departments, Small Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Veterinary & Animal Hospitals, Dental labs and SCUBA applications. The plant has inbuilt oxygen cylinder filling plant that uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

Plant is mounted over platform and acquires less space, only a simple mounting of plant, and plugging it in to a standard electrical outlet, you can generate your own medical-grade oxygen to fill your own cylinders on-site. Within minutes, you can have emergency oxygen available for any increase in unexpected demand. Never run out of oxygen ever again!

🇮🇹Quality and Safety Designed🇮🇹

The plants may be small, but don’t let the little size fool you! The Plants contains a rich history of using the highest level of manufacturing engineering expertise in its design. The plants are self-contained and operates very quietly. These quality components all work together to regulate the flow of oxygen cleanly and safely throughout operation. Plants are designed to run automatically and requires little or no maintenance once it is up and running. With a digital color touch screen display, the unit shows all the information required to monitor the manufacturing process of oxygen. system performs a continuous series of self-diagnostic tests as it runs. Should an issue arise such as drop in oxygen purity; the plant will automatically shut down and display a visual alarm on screen. There is an optional audible alarm available as well.

🇮🇹Easily Operated and Maintained🇮🇹

NANO-O2 Oxygen Generators Can be operated and maintained without extensive technical knowledge or training. our easy to follow manuals, videos and on-site training will enable your staff to properly calibrate and maintain the whole system. Routine maintenance is limited to normal air compressor upkeep and periodic cleaning and replacement of filter elements only.


  • Economics

Cost saving in the range of 40-70% over liquid supply Systems and up-to 80% for Cryogenic Plant

  • Highest Reliability

The PSA system provides highest reliability the control system allows for the production of nitrogen gas at the specified flow & purity within short time of demand using a simple push button.this on/off operating capability is not available from cryogenic plants.

  • Easy Partial Load Operation

The plant is automatically adjusted to the actual product flow requirement and operates in an energy saving partial load mode.

  • Energy Efficiency

Lower energy consumption than crygenic units.

  • Fully Automatic Operation

PLC based control system controls the purity and the flow by automatically  adjusting the cycle time of the PSA system.

  • Remote Control

A Profinet or LAN port is provided for the communication with complete Plant DCS with a optional Modern Boradfor  Remote Control.

🇮🇹General Features of Oxygen Generators Available🇮🇹

  • Meets Worldwide Medical Oxygen Grade Standards


  • Cost Saving of up-to 80% from Liquid/Cylinder supply


  • Dependable Highest Reliability with Energy Efficiency


  • Compact design with Easy and simple controls


  • Pre-piped systems for Easy and simple installation


  • Automatic operation-one touch start up and shut down


  • Easily Partial Load Opeation in variable Demand Flows


  • Ready to use upon delivery